Keratin Treatment – $250-$450

Keratin Treatment

Keratin Treatments are the gold standard in taming the “frizz”. If you’re tired of dealing with unmanageable and frizzy hair, it may be time to treat yourself to a keratin treatment. This hair treatment has been around for many years, but recent advancements have made them more popular than ever before. The smoothing technology is also great for all types of hair. The keratin treatment penetrates the hair giving you smooth, healthy-looking hair for months. You can still style your hair wavy or straight no matter what!

Smoother and silkier hair are some of the many benefits of having a keratin treatment. This makes keratin treatments a great option for those who struggle with dried out, frizzy, and rebellious hair. You’ll find that it’s much easier and less time-consuming to style your hair following a keratin treatment. After you have the treatment, you also no longer have to worry about humidity or even rain affecting your hairstyle. The keratin proteins sealed into your hair will keep each strand smooth and frizz-free regardless of humidity levels, so you could save money on frizz-control serums and similar products.

Why Keratin Treatment?

Provides up to three to six months of smooth, frizz-free hair

Helps repair damage with the powerful benefits of keratin

Promotes vibrant, long-lasting hair color results

Dramatically cuts daily styling time at home

Delivers radiant, healthy-looking shine

“My first visit and won’t be my last. Ladies are so lovely and caring and know their stuff. Having a complete hair makeover go from drab mummy to hot wife. Thanks ladies”

Invest in your hair, it is the crown you never take off!




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