Ombre – $100-$220


“Ombre” is a French term meaning shadow or shade. Ombre hair colour generally has darker roots through to the mid-shaft and then continually and gradually gets lighter to the ends. The look can range from a grown-in effect to a sun-kissed. It can also have a highlighted feel to a completely dip-dyed depending on how intense you want to go.

This look can be achieved through two methods. To avoid a telltale dividing line, backcomb the ends of the hair or tease the locks just above the where you want to start lightening the hair. The colour is applied to the ends up to the teased area and wrapped in foil to set. Alternatively, it can be applied in a freehand method called balayage which allows greater control over the results.

Why Ombre?

Because it’s low maintenance

Because it allows creativity with a variety of colours

It’s easy to transition from

It causes less damage is it’s only on the ends

“My first visit and won’t be my last. Ladies are so lovely and caring and know their stuff. Having a complete hair makeover go from drab mummy to hot wife. Thanks ladies”

Invest in your hair, it is the crown you never take off!




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