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Tinting or dyeing your hair is simply changing the colour of your hair. Hair dyeing is a permanent process that lifts the original colour of hair and deposits a new shade into the strands. It does not wash out but it can eventually fade over time. Tinting, on the other hand, is temporary—it deposits colour on top of the strands without lifting the original pigment. If you choose a colour similar to your own then you will not see an obvious regrowth line. Dyeing provides 100% grey coverage and uses more chemicals then tinting.

For permanent hair dye, it may fade slightly or lose its lustre. New growth needs to be retouched every four to six weeks. Since tints do not absorb into the hair shaft, the colour molecules eventually wash away with shampooing. If a tint is applied to damaged, bleached or brittle hair, the porosity of the strands lets the colour absorb deeper and last longer. A tint needs to be reapplied every two to four weeks for even coverage. Tints do not take well to grey hair, and the results may appear uneven or highlighted. You can place a tint on top of a permanent colour to add shine. There is a wide array of colours that you can choose from ensuring that you have the perfect colour every day.

Why Tint?

Create a new look with a fresh colour

Add lustre to your hair with a tint

Cover grey hair for a fresh look

Suitable for long, medium and short hair

“Tina is awesome as ever. Known her from 14 years ago, her services are wonderful & staff are so friendly. You are always part of a very special hairdressing experience when you go to Hair Asylum. I’m going back to London with a lovely fresh colour & cut & blessed that Tina had the time to spend with me in her busy salon. Sad that she’s on the other side of the world to me as her happiness & hugs & smiles plus a bloody great hairdresser I’m going to miss. Go visit & see for yourself 14 years her salons been going from strength to strength. Love & all the best to you my darling Tina & the girls. Thank you for this afternoon laughs & smiles & of course my fabulous hair.”

Invest in your hair, it is the crown you never take off!




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